Featured Video this Week, a Little Something from our Past: Human Condition - Animation by Nick Jones


Featured Songs

Theme of Circles

Clear the space for the task at hand,

To leave in the Past…

All the pain that has frozen us shut.

Let no shadows be cast on the celebration!

With faith in the days to come…

The shadows will be cast away!

Need to Know

It’s forgiveness,

but lust for vengeance still tugs at me.

Strength not weakness,

Takes to walk paths traveled by the meek.

I need you to know need you to understand,

The love in your heart could conquer the darkness and evil that’s inside of me.

The power of your voice,

Conviction ampilifes.

Integrity in choice,

Leads to self realization.

Offer up your voice,

The universe replies.

Convicted in your choice,

You will not be denied.



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