Our 3rd Release, The Twisted Fall, Is Born

Our 3rd Release, The Twisted Fall, Is Born

This has been a long time in the making, and it’s hard to describe the feeling of it. The Twisted Fall is our 3rd release, coming much too long after Breakthrough. It possesses a markedly darker and more driving sound, but still has all the Witherery hallmarks of Wither.


We are releasing the album early at Nerd Con 2016. It will be in the form of wristband thumb drives pictured below. Each one contains 10 new Wither songs in lossless .wav format (The highest of quality). You can load them on your device and from there who knows…load them to a playlist on your computer, rip them into Mp3s for use on your phone, or burn a disk…it’s all you. There are 4 color schemes to choose from. Each drive is 8 gigs, so plenty of room for other music, files, or anything else you might want to wear around with you. We wanted to give you something useful.


In September we will begin working on the online portion of the release, distributing through our friends at CD baby. With their help, by the end of September the tracks will be up on Itunes, Amazon, and many other places. If you’re waiting for a chance to just buy the tracks online they’ll be up on CD Baby’s store first, hopefully early September

New stickers and buttons as well. Buy a wristband or shirt and get one of these fellas for free. We’ll also be liberally tossing these guys out from the stage at people we catch having a good time. We’ll also have some new shirts available.

Included on the Wristbands will be the cover art pictured above. Print it out, make your own creations with it, throw darts at it, have fun. We’re also including a lyric sheet for each song like the one below.


We have plans to get this thing on CD and Vinyl in time. That’s more of an end of the year project, but if you guys want it, we’ll get it done.


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