The Twisted Fall

We took old mysteries, added new frustrations, mixed in some secrets with our proprietary 1227 step process to create Gothic Metal that stands out as something you haven’t heard before. We also wore matching robes during the mixing process. Enjoy!



Breakthrough is Wither’s 2nd album, and finds them exploring a style of gothic metal that is willing to both create dark moods, and rock out. The lyrics are actually very upbeat…Wither is very melodic and the songs on Breakthrough continue that focus. The songs here are written with an emphasis on clear vocals and powerful lyrics. Guitars crunch and churn along with heavy bass, and Wither continues to incorporate keys and synths to set big atmospheres.


A unique combination of rock elements to create a powerful fusion of music, sometimes heavy, often mystical with gothic overtones, always emotionally and lyrically potent, perhaps best described but not limited to being Gothic Metal. Origin was Wither’s first release.